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Interactions between dimensions Thus far, the dimensions have only been described individually or as main effects. Specifically, Hofstede c argues that "Catholicism with the supreme authority of the Pope and the intermediate authority of the priest corresponds more to a large power distance than Protestanism with its general priesthood of the believers" p.

Once the opening awkwardness and unfamiliarity of keeping such a log is overcome, the process can become a natural part of one's existence.

This was a learning gap that I expressed from the beginning of the experience, and I have been able to reflect and evaluate how this has affected my attitude in other areas of my life. Finally, one would expect that those countries high in uncertainty avoidance might have more stringent consumer protection mechanisms like better product and service warranties, "cooling-off" laws, etc.

However, the presence of the following characteristics are what separate action learning from other modalities, some of which may at times be inaccurately labeled action learning. For me, that was my major concern, having to work in such an intense setting for such a long period.

Another argument is that the judgment of one's performance can be subjective the judgement of the same quality of work can vary from department to department in a company and from supervisor to supervisor.

Uncertainty Avoidance Index UAI The Uncertainty Avoidance dimension expresses the degree to which the members of a society feel uncomfortable with uncertainty and ambiguity. To side step such time pressure, I create hybrid sets, drawing from the regular action learning sets.

Power Distance Index PDI This dimension expresses the degree to which the less powerful members of a society accept and expect that power is distributed unequally. To achieve connection with your deeper self requires a quietness of mind, self-honesty, and at least brief escapes from what can be the unsystematic clutter of our lives.

Research [5] funded by the Federal Reserve Bank undertaken at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with input from professors from the University of Chicago and Carnegie Mellon University repeatedly demonstrated that as long as the tasks being undertaken are purely mechanical performance related pay works as expected.

Power Distance Index

Getting some to buy into action learning is sometimes difficult. Some very important and deep reflection can be an outgrowth of this process. But the difference with action learning was that it provided a safe and confrontational environment where team related issues could be dealt with effectively.

This gives short term savings but, in the longer term leads to low morale, low performance, poor engagement, and even employee resignations after they have been trained. This can be difficult to achieve after long periods of blockage caused by the repetitiveness and intensity of daily events.

It was early Saturday morning and I looked forward to curling up in bed to read all the personal stories. Possibly also, in the case of Singaporethe pursuit of materialism, if nothing else, can provide a distraction from the pressures of living in an intensely competitive society.

This ends up being a very simplistic level of reflection, and it in no way challenges what is going on. Action learning can come in many configurations. The reality can play out quite differently, and be more aligned with single loop learning. I came to see, however, that it is because the action learning set knows nothing going in that they are able to escape the mental ruts of training and practice.

The set operates by consensus.

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When analyzed, three dimensions similar to power distance, individualism, and masculinity were derived.When Enron was still – and only – a pipeline company, it lost a major contract in India because local authorities felt that it was pushing negotiations too fast.

In fact, the loss of the contract underlines the important role that cultural differences play in international negotiation. For one. For example, Germany has a 35 on the cultural scale of Hofstede’s analysis.

Compared to Arab countries where the power distance is very high (80) and Austria where it very low (11), Germany is. According to socio-cultural analysis using by Geert Hofstede five cultural dimension model, furniture products made of teak are decided to market Singapore.

These products are manufactured by Myanmar Teak Company limited is using precious teaks from Myanmar.


As part of my MBA studies, I came across the work of Geert Hofstede () who undertook a landmark study for IBM, looking at national cultures. One of reasons this struck a cord was that I work for Hewlett Packard, a very similar organisation.

Alfonsus (Fons) Trompenaars (bornAmsterdam) is a Dutch organizational theorist, management consultant, and author in the field of cross-cultural communication.

Singapore's a 'Hello Kitty' culture

known for the development of Trompenaars' model of national culture differences. What is Long Term Orientation according to Professor Geert Hofstede? The main point here is how Western cultures versus Eastern cultures are defined.

Geert hofstede cultural dimensions singapore
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