Logistics and core competencies

As is the case with forward logistics, financial flows typically determine the structure of the reverse logistics flow. First, product arrives whenever customers decide to return an unwanted item, or a retailer decides to pull slow-moving product, or a manufacturer institutes a packaging change, or any number of other possible causes.

In an October Dateline segment on Australian television, an investigative journalist in Ghana displayed a collection of computers and monitors that bore stickers from multinational corporations and U. As a result, companies must minimize the time product stays in the reverse logistics system.

This meant that their stores were likely to attract a long-term consumer because the risk associated with shopping there was reduced. This logistics competency includes the ability to analyze and design new distribution networks and optimize existing networks.

When a company sells product to a salvage broker, that Logistics and core competencies will turn around and sell that product to another broker or other secondary market, who then may sell it to the public.

As part of this process, the company should develop procedures for analyzing return rates and tracing the returns back to the root causes. The leaders understand, too, the business importance of taking good care of consumers.

Neibergall calls this "being able to translate what's happening in supply management in a way that the CFO or CEO will understand and appreciate. In many companies, reverse logistics still is not considered very important—though as we said this is changing.

Good reverse logistics and returns management programs are unlikely to appear out of nowhere.

Five Core Competencies Every Supply Chain Manager Should Master

Monitors contract compliance of carriers and logistics service providers. A major one is inventory turns. Lastly, it should be rare; it should be something not found in a competitor. World-class supply chain professionals combine expertise in material flow management with outstanding knowledge of information and financial flow.

You are engaged in teams and in work groups, and you deal with suppliers. In addition to the revenue aspect, secondary markets provide other important benefits. Several of the secondary markets consist of many small players, so there are no trade associations or other authorities to estimate their size.

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Learn More Company Overview Bonded Logistics is a global third party logistics 3PL provider dedicated to providing clients with innovative and flexible supply chain management solutions.

For example, a government agency involved in unemployment case management may include core competencies in the areas of information technology management, budget, and finance. Effectively plan what is to be achieved and properly coordinate and involve all relevant stakeholders.

That means recognizing the conditions that signal slavery and bonded labor in the supply chain or health-endangering practices that might lead to a product liability suit. When a company receives returned product, much of it will be sold off to companies in the secondary market. In the pharmaceutical industry, for example, the California Board of Pharmacy CBoP has set deadlines for all manufacturers to be able to show an electronic pedigree and a defined serial number down to the pill bottle level.

They must deliver on time and on budget, while generating superior results.Core competencies are the resources and/or strategic advantages of a business, including the combination of pooled knowledge and technical capacities, that allow it to be competitive in the. Our core competencies: Logistics modules for higher profitability.

6 Must Have Logistics Competencies for Supply Chain Professionals

Rutronik's intelligent and tailored logistics modules optimize supply chain management and ensure the smooth flow of merchandise. This reduces procurement costs and produces a precisely aligned warehouse configuration. Dedicated Capacity Logistics.

About Us. Dupré Logistics operates more than trucks, employs over professional drivers in its dedicated fleets, and has established a network of over 10, preferred carriers through a stringent carrier approval process. The maze of challenges that makes up the global supply chain demands that logistics professionals never stop developing new skills and enhancing existing ones.

Here are five core competencies that supply chain professionals need to master—and continually improve. Core Competencies At DEMAR Logistics, we know what you’re up against. As a world-class provider of third party logistics and transportation services, we understand that despite your unique transportation challenges you need it shipped and delivered on time, every time.

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Bay Logistics provides supply chain services including warehousing, transportation, quality inspections, repacking, and storage trailer rentals.

Logistics and core competencies
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